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Get to Know Me:
Age: late 60's
Family: Sister; Miss. Watson
Hobbies: Praying, Taking care of children and Teaching

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My, my thank the Lord our God Huckleberry Finn has returned and promised to be civilized! I am so happy, I have been crying all day. I don't know why he done it but I don't care either. That poor lost lamb, why I am gonna show him, the light of the Lord. I also gave him some nice new clothes for he came trotting back in those raggedly old clothes of his. Now today after I cried and prayed for Huck, we all got back on scedule. Huck came in for supper by the ring of my bell and afterwards I taught him about Moses and the Bulrushers. Now Huck still has some work to do; I mean today he asked me if he could smoke! Smoke, can you believe that? Smoking is such a mean practice and so unclean! Well I best be going, My dear sister; Miss Watson is pestering Huck again.

Well this morning Miss Watson and I were drinking tea down in the parlor and in here comes in Huck. All dressed in the nice clothes I gave him but with his own added touch. Huckleberry was covered from head to toe in grease and clay! Now Miss Watson, well she started up an ol' big fuss; pestering poor Huckleberry and telling him to pray. Well I felt so sorry for the poor boy, so I cleaned him off and sent him off to pray in the closet with Miss Watson. And on top of him being scolded, the people in town think they found his Pap. Poor man drowned himself in the river; for they found him floating down on his back. They buried him right along side the river, well the man had it coming to him anyhow.

Oh, I am so proud of my little Huckleberry Finn, he has been improving so much and really starting to buckle down. I ain't ashamed of him at all for he is doing so satifactory. Huckleberry has learned to read, write and do him mathematics. Good thing too because everyone in the house now doesn't do so much scolding and yellin'. Well except for today, Huckleberry accidentely spilled the salt shaker and I believe went to throw some over his sholder. But my dear sister got to it first and slapped his hand away. Huck seems to be alright, I hope; I told him I would put a good word in for Him.

Today is the day I should be praying not writing but I thought I should just write down my thoughts. You will never believe it but Huckleberry's Pap has returned and has brought nothing but trouble for Huck. First, he tries to steal all of Huck's money and even Huck himself. Well Judge Thatcher and I went down to try to become one of Huck's guardians. Unfortunatly, the new judge thought it best not to break up families and let Pap stay around Huck. Well I got mighy mad and could not take anymore of his drunken foolishness around my house so I told him to quit sticking around here or I'd make trouble for him. Pap got mighty mad and kidnapped my poor Huck and took him up the river. Yesterday Miss Watson sent a man up to try and get Huck to come back. Well the poor young man came paddling back scared half to death saying Pap was shootin' at him and Huck says he'd rather stay there. Miss Watson and I have been praying all day for God to help us bring our Huck back.

My tears are dropping on the page as I'm writing tonight because my little lamb Huck has been murdered! I just can't believe it but I was told that Pap came running in as a real mess saying "Huck's been killed quick someone come, come help me!" The men of the town then sure assured me that they found his hair on an ax and all. So a bunch of them got a skiff and went on looking for his body for a proper burial. They were throwing over loaves of bread that had quick silver in it so as to show us where his body is. They were also shooting cannons to make the body float to the top of the river. They couldn't find his body, nothing to bury and give to the Lord. So now many people are looking for the one who done it. There''s a $200 award for Pap and a $300 award for Miss Watson's slave Jim. Personally I think that Huck's old Pap done it while he was drunk out of his mind. Well I better go off and pray with Miss Watson for Huck to be put in the good place.