Of Mice and Men


A dusty dirt road leads to an ungoing blue-green river surronded by large full trees; all is peaceful until out of the brush come two figures dressed in work overalls and boots. One is tall and built like a bear while the other shorter and thinner with defined features; their names are Lennie Small and George Milton. They have a dream to own their own ranch where Lennie will be able to tend the rabbits. George and Lennie travel togeather because Lennie is mentally retarded and can't be left alone. His disability gets him into a lot of trouble. These two friends have escaped from Weed and rode down here to Salinas Valley to find jobs. They find work at a ranch, where they meet some very interesting characters such as the boss(owner of ranch), his son Curley(a wannabe tough guy), Curley's wife( a tart) and the ranch hands. They show their strong skills when put to work bucking barley. All is well at the ranch; Lennie recieved a puppy from Slim, a ranch hand, Candy, the swaper, has offered his money to help with their dream ranch and Lennie has not gotten in trouble at all yet. Unfortunatly, one day Lennie gets intrigued by Curley's wife's soft hair when she lets him touch it. Lennie pets her hair too hard and the next thing you know is Curley's wife is dead. The book ends with George having to kill Lennie to save them both from more trouble.


I really enjoyed the book Of Mice and Men; it was definitely one of my favorites this year. I really liked how John Steinbeck described the setting at the beginning of each chapter. I also really liked the storyline in this book because the discussions afterwords were very controversial and made you think deeply about the topic. The only thing I disliked about the book was the ending of course, I wish that Curley's wife had just stayed away from Lennie.

What can we learn?
In Of Mice and Men we can learn the power of having dreams and even the toughness of making the right decisions. With the power of dreams I learned that it is a great perservering factor and also it gives people a sense of unity and hope for the future. When making the right decisions I learned that they are extremely hard and takes a lot of courage to finishing things yourself.

Essential Questions:
-Why are dreams so important to live successful and fulfilling lives?
Dreams are important because they help you strive to do the very best in your lives to reach your dream. Each little step you reach helps make you happy which in turn makes you successful in your life.

-How important is it for human beings to have a place where they belong?
It is very important for humans to have a place where they belong becuase it brings them a sense of comfort and ease. This applies to highschool very well where you have to find your cliche of friends that you belong to. Being an outcast really effects people becuase they feel as though they do not have a place in the world.

-What constitutes a genuine friendship?
For me a genuine friendship is made up of trust, fun and similar values. Each of these are equally important to look for in a friend and to have yourself.

-Does our current society encourage or discourage loneliness or isolation?
I think our society mostly discourages loneliness or isolation but I can see our society also encouraging it. They encourage this by TV shows, media and even schools by isolating anybody that is different for example mentally retarted children are put in different classes and made fun of on TV.