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"Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, that turned my life into one long night seven times sealed" (Wiesel 34). Night tells the story of a young jew and his family who experiences the terrible conditions of the concentration camps. After spending some time in the ghettos in their little town of Sighet, Elie and his family take their last trip togeather in cattle cars to Birkenau. There the family is split and Elie spends the rest of the time with his father where they both endure the severity of the camps. Elie and his father go through many tragic events such as witnessing hangings, marching forty-two miles and experiencing hard beatings. Until the last day of Elie's father's life Elie and his father help each other survive. In the book Night, Wiesel tells of the heartbreaking stories of others he has met and of his own story as well.

I really liked the book Night, because I enjoy reading people's personal stories. I like how he explained not just the physical hardships of the camps but the emotional ones as well. Although I know it is a true story, the book always had me wanting to read more about who was safe or what terrible situation happend to them next. There was nothing about this book that I disliked except for the ending of course where Elie's father dies, unfortunatly though, I cannot change that.

What can we learn?
I think we can learn a lot from Elie Wiesel and his story. One thing I learned was to keep friends and family close to help you persevere and stay strong; just like how Elie stayed close to his father. Another thing I learned was how it feels personally to have absolutly everything you own including your identity taken away from you. This realization also helped me to better understand how harsh this part in their life was.

Essential Questions:
-What are the root causes of persecution?
I think that the root causes of persecution are overconfidence or intimidation. I believe this because many leaders that lead the prosecution in their country just want someone to blame for their problems or to eliminate his competition for leadership.

-What are some current examples of persecution that take place in today's world?
Some examples of persecution are happening in many developing countries where there is war and killing of innocent people like in Darfur. Another example of persecution are happing in rich countries. This kind of persecution could be rejecting the rights of others.

-What does Night teach us about what is means to be human?
Night taught us that to be human has a lot to do with having an identity and independence. In Night the workers were pretty much robots with numbers; they only did what they were told, and did it at that time.

Persecution around the World

Literary Analysis Essay:

In this writing assignment I learned better ways to integrate quotes and how to make them support your main idea. One thing I did very well on in this assignment was the sentence coherence. Something I should improve on is my comma usage and better integration of quotes.