Course Evaluations:
- This year I think I improved on being a better writer. With all of the responses and essays we did it really helped to test my writing skills and make them better. Now I feel as though I can write a paragraph that catches a person's interest and uses better vocabulary.

- This course has helped me become a more caring, competent, contributing citizen in an ever-changing global community by making me read and talk about issues that are going on right now. Like in the start of class we sometimes talk about something interesting that happened yesterday and disscuss it. Also, some of the artices that we read helped me see some of the problems in the world right now that I could help fix. Lastly, the books that we read also helped me become a better citizen in teaching me valuable life lessons.

- There are many things that I will take away from this class but some of them include the new vocabulary words and books like Night and Tuesdays with Morrie. From these I will take away new knowledge that makes me sound smarter to prepare me for honors english. From the books I will take away life lessons form Tuesdays with Morrie and history from Night. Some things I will remember about the class are the funny videos Mr. Hershey shows us in the mornings or in enrichment and our little class fights/disscussions.

Self Evaluations:
- I believe I did achieve my personal goals for this course. My goals were to recieve A's on both my report cards and to improve all my english skills. I think I achieved all of these although some more than others.

- Yes, I do believe that I gave my personal best because I always try to take the assignments seriously and to get them in on time.